Master's Mentorship

A remarkable mentorship journey hosted by Master Chimbala with more than 12 International Trainers, Coaches, Speakers and Mentors from different countries.

START: 1st April 2024.

Join me for this Great 2024 Marathon!

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The Great Mentorship Journeys

Master's Mentorship (MM) Programmes present the most robust online mentorship programmes delivered to you right where you are. The programmes cover various categories of people and are executed in the most convenient spaces, platforms, times and media.

Master’s Mentorship (MM) brings to life an amplified and diverse pool of vibrant learning experiences and content. The programmes explore areas of critical and positive thinking; planning circles around life goals and career success; inspiration towards resilience, personal confidence, courage and diligence; spaces of building healthy relationships and enhanced pivotal networks.

Unlike coaching, Mentorship is a concept that employs various channels of learning, guiding and inspiring of candidates towards resolving a myriad of personal issues and pursuing life goals. It presents continuous multi-thematic learning engagements for the students. Learning elevates your mind with success programming and positive thinking for continued achievements. This Mentorship journey is very unique and special. It carries you through a journey of great content delivery providing you opportunities to share your questions, challenges, ideas, decisions and situations. 

Each of the Mentorship paths challenges students with tasks, assignments, implementation of personal life-changes, habit-creation and modifications,  and much more. There are specific services, activities and privileges that come with these programmes. See more below.

Proudly Graduate from a Great Mentorship Journey.

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To which Mentorship Class do you belong?

Pick your class based on your age-group

This mentorship programme delivers specific activities, information and education based on the age-group of class participants. Ensure that you select the class in which belong based on your age. For example, if you are 14 years old, choose CLASS A; if you are 23 years old choose CLASS C; if you are 37 years old pick CLASS F. Don’t worry about these details. They are clearly shown below as well as on the registration form further below this page.

These classes shall help you stay on focus with your life goals including careers, entrepreneurship, relationships, money, decision making and many more thematic areas. If you enroll into a class that is of a different age-group from your current age you may not encounter as much valuable experiences as we have designed for you. You shall make all the necessary choices on the registration form further below on this website page. The details you provide on the registration form enable us to prepare adequately for your needs, expectations and aspirations.

Class A

13-16 Years

Class B

17-19 Years

Class C

20-25 Years

Class D

26-30 Years

Class E

31-35 Years

Class F

36+ Years

Our Mentorship Thematic Areas

Your mentorship journey with us runs with the following thematic areas

MM 1.

Personal Transformation & Life Rebranding

Build the new you with a fresh start

Comprehensive personal change of mindset, habits, behaviours, lifestyle, identity, addictions, poor decisions, and more.

MM 2.

Personal Development & Career Success

Sharpen your career journey & self growth

A marathon of modeling a comprehensive personal career path with global ideas and local relevance in learning and action.

MM 3.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Success

A step by step entrepreneurship learning journey

Great lessons on ideas, building the entrepreneur, finances, pillars, staff, seed, savings, investing & more.

MM 4.

General Inspirational & Diverse Mentorship

Holistic mentorship on various life angles

General mentorship marathon that deals with different personal issues, subject areas, personal goals and success pursuit.

What comes with this Mentorship journey?

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Assignments and Tasks

Take a personal challenge with special tasks and assignments.


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Learning & Inspiring Audios

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Online Conference & Graduation

Participate in the Motivational Conference & Gradudation Event.


Graduation Certificate

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Some of Our International Trainers, Coaches, Mentors & Speakers

The MM Exceptional trainers, mentors and coaches drawn from different backgrounds, experiences and intercultural spaces across the world.

Henry | USA

Leadership, Engineering

Henry carries a dynamic depth of grace to serve, to love and to inspire. He is a gifted engineering technician. His mind is unlimited. He soars beyond arts and leadership. He has been a Boys Brigade member plus officer  for over 40 years.

William | BRITAIN

Lawyer, Theologian, Speaker

William has triumphed from personal trauma, loss, pain and many personal challenges. He has created a formidable success story worth following. He is a qualified lawyer, great reader, unique thinker and remarkable speaker.

Lars Olav | NORWAY

IT, Computers, Data, Crafts

Lars Olav is an ingenious teacher and mentor. He is great at computer things, leadership, coaching, solution building, scouting and forming great ideas. He is a life-long scout and team leader. Lars is an inspiring vocational crafts creator.

Dr. Moreblessings | ZAMBIA

Emergency Doctor, Health Lecturer

By the code of servitude and discipline Dr. Moreblessings performs his duties in Emergency medicine. He is fashioned with a brilliant mind and great desire to serve others using his skills with performance excellence in academics and work.

Godfrey | LESOTHO

Non-Profits, Church , Community

Soaring in service for over 15 years, Godfrey is an innovative ever-youthful humanitarian worker with exceptional passion and skills in outreaches, training, talks, guidance and social support.

Zindaba | FINLAND

Economics, Business, Int'l Success

By the age of 27 Zindaba had achieved a Bachelors in Business and Master’s in Economics. He’d worked for UNICEF, Mercedes Benz, Oura and Others in USA, Finland, Cyprus and Zambia. 


Business, IT, Social Capital

Karabo is a social magnet of hope for people of different ages. His terrains include computers, communication, management and supplies. He is a brilliant social capital & intercultural networker. 

Pennipher | ZAMBIA

Media, PR, Business

Pennipher is a kind and magnificent storyteller, speaker, newscaster and terrific TV presenter. She has traversed through media spaces, PR, marketing, communications and outreaches. 


Governance, Communities, Lawyer

Yirga is a well-seasoned trainer and speaker with a great inspirational acumen for service and positive change. He hold the heart of Africa and its people dear to his call for duty and service. 

Bruce | ZAMBIA

Entrepreneur, Leader, Change-Agent

Bruce is a brilliant thinker, analyst and solution designer, with an MBA from USA. He has spent about 2 decades serving in Zambia, USA, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa. 

Moshira | EGYPT

Development, Women, Communities

Moshira is a hard-working person serving in the spaces of development and social services. She carries a thrust at projects, communities, outreaches, youths and women issues.


Finance, Investing, Growth, Business

Musa is himself the uniqueness of mind and lifestyle. He is genius at finance, projects management, CSO leadership, community outreaches and business development and success.


Youth, Sports, Communities

Knut, the man who deeply loves Africa, has worked in outreaches, social support, sports and guidance among children and youths of different ethnic backgrounds, including Zambia and Norway.


Lawyer, Youth Worker, Life Coach

Rose is a blossom of life for all hearts and minds. She has been dedidated to serving other for a decade and a half. She is gifted and experienced in TV, Radio, Arts, Charity works, Women Affairs and business.


Arts, Media, Communities, Tourism

Larry is an international agent of influence and social change with footprints in Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He thrusts in media, arts, events, tours and social capital interlinkages.

Master | ZAMBIA

Trainer, Media-Icon, Change Builder

Master is the lead mentor of this platform. He has garnered over 25 years in corporate training, inspirational talks, mentorship and community outreaches in several countries. 


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Master Chimbala™

 Transformational Trainer | Coach | Speaker

Message from the Lead Coach | Trainer | Mentor

Circumstances of my foundations made key words such as “diverse”, “myriad”, “miscellaneous” and several others represent deep aspects of my personal, professional and business journey. This profoundly shaped me to flourish in consultancy, entrepreneurship, multimedia and charity-humanitarian works in the past two decades plus. I continue to share these lessons with others through platforms, initiatives and programmes such as this Master’s  Mentorship.

My name is Master Chimbala. I enjoy the work I do. For a gracious 2 decades plus, I have trekked a vigorous journey of reaching people through different learning and change programmes. I have seen how Training, Mentorship and Coaching  enrich people in their goals, lifestyles, businesses and relationships.

The key is simple. Never take a lifetime to learn what others have already learnt and experienced. Take the step to learn quickly and grow effectively in order for you to reach the great heights of your aspirations.

This Mentorship journey is fashioned from years of diverse intercultural experiences in teaching, training, coaching, inspiring, counseling and guiding individuals, companies and organizations in the past two decades. I am hosting the Mentorship programmes with over 24 great speakers, mentors, coaches and trainers from different countries around the world.

So, join me. See you in class!

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